From 2 to 20 km (and more)! Information available in the houses, including: Waterfall BrattfalletFräkensjömyrarna natureservat , StorEnsleden and various other walks. We are happy to advise you!


3.5 km through a beautiful old forest where the trolls and other fantasy characters can be seen on    troll-hike Trollstigen . The youngones will not be bored for a minute!


Come face to face with a moose in its own natural environment? Visit  Värmlands Moose Park  where an enthusiastic natureguide tells you all about these beautiful animals during a walk. You can’t get any closer!


Experience the power of nature, the overwhelming power of water at one of the waterfalls in Värmland such as Brattfallet, Fämtfallet of Digerfallet

Horse riding

Discover the forests in Värmland from the back of a horse. An amazing experienceOur Little FarmKalvbergsåsen Islandic Horses


Klarälvsbanan – Klarälvsleden  :90 km asphalted, car-free bicycle and inline skating path between Uddeholm and Karlstad: 120 km to be extended from Uddeholm.

Silver and mineral mines

Visit a silver or mineral mine, with or without a guide:  Hornkulens silver mine,    Stjärnfors kvarts mine Uddeholm


Search for the king of the forest through the endless forests with an experienced nature guide in a 4-wheel drive: ErlebnisProfisHuskyfarm

Art & culture

Enjoy Värmland art, culture and taste the atmosphere of earlier times Gammelvala    Konst och Kitsch

Locally Organic

Pure nature: Try our own or locally produced organic honey, vegetables and fruit or visit: Torfolk Gård, Solbacken, Höje vedungsbakeri, Lakene Ostgård, Framgården, restaurant Loviseberg Herrgård